Weight Loss is not usually covered by insurance unless you have an illness causing weight gain.

At Hawaii Endocrine Associates, we try to find a reason for you being overweight so that we can get the visit, the blood tests and hopefully the treatment covered by your insurance. The biggest obstacle is the cost of treatment, as the drugs for weight loss tend to be expensive, and your insurance company does not see the obvious health benefit in losing weight nor the likely long-term cost savings of significant and sustained weight loss.

Insurance companies tie our hands in effectively treating being overweight.

For example, weekly visits have been proven to promote weight loss, as both the patient and physician are held accountable to each other. Monthly visits are just not as effective, but that is the most they will pay for.


As an alternative, for significant and sustained weight loss, I wholeheartedly recommend visiting Awazul, at awazul.com. The services there are professional, cutting edge, multi-disciplinary, intimate and most importantly extremely effective. But, are not covered by insurance.